GOBOO Shipping Policy for Users (buyers)

I. Goboo delivery related

1. Fill in the receiving information

(1) When placing an order, the buyer must fill in the accurate receiving information such as consignee, contact information, address, etc. The goods purchased by the buyer will be delivered to the delivery address specified by the buyer. The buyer shall be responsible for the loss caused by the buyer's incorrect filling in receiving information, change of contact person or relevant delivery information. After the goods have been shipped, the buyer shall not modify the order information.

(2) The buyer can choose himself/herself or any other person as the consignee when providing consignee information. If the buyer chooses another person as the consignee, the consignee’s sign is deemed to be the buyer’s. If the consignee violates the obligations stipulated in these rules, the buyer shall bear the corresponding responsibility.

2. Issue time

Goboo will ship the goods within 24 hours according to the payment order. Due to objective logistics factors, there may be some delay, please wait patiently.

If there are other regulations on the crowdfunding or other event pages, the other regulations shall prevail.

3. Logistics Distribution time

Goboo will display the estimated delivery time according to the order type. The estimated delivery time is only a reference time. The reference time is estimated based on the inventory status, the normal processing, the delivery time and location. It is not a promised arrival time, nor is it equal to an actual arrival or an installation time.

Note: Transportation and delivery may be delayed due to force majeure and third-party reasons such as traffic, weather, government reasons, large-scale events, etc. Buyers are advised to log in to the GOBOO and follow the delivery progress on the order details page.


II. Distribution scope of GOBOO

The delivery services Goboo buyers have are supported in Mainland Spainexcluding off-island),Portugal ,France, Germany and other European countries. Please check the product page for the specific delivery area.


III. Delivery timelines

Regular orders will be issued within 24 hours;

The delivery time of crowdfunding merchandise orders is subject to the page display.

Buyers can choose the logistics service provider supported by Goboo.


IV.Goboo logistics distribution:

All of the orders on Goboo are provided with logistics distribution services by Goboo.

Note: Transportation and delivery may be delayed due to force majeure and third-party reasons such as traffic, weather, government reasons, large-scale events, etc. Buyers are advised to log in to Goboo and follow the delivery progress on the order details page.

Product Name

Estimated Time   Limit

Delivery   service in Spainexcluding   off-island)

GOBOO Two-day   Express Delivery-Spain

1-2 Working   days

GOBOO Standard Delivery-Spain

3-7 Working   days

Delivery   service in Portugalexcluding   off-island)

GOBOO Three-day   Express Delivery-Portugal

2-3 Working   days

Pan-European   Delivery Service

GOBOO Standard   Delivery-Pan European

3-7 Working   days

GOBOO Economic Post-Pan   European

7-15 Working   days

Spain return   serviceexcluding   off-island)

GOBOO Easy Return-Spain

2-4 Working days


V.GOBOO release tips

Buyers can check the information in the 2 following ways:

1. After the order is shipped, the system will automatically send an email to the mailbox bound to the user, prompting the shipping information.

2. Buyers can view the shipping information in 'My Orders'-'Shipped'.


VI.GOBOO inspection and receipt

1. Inspection

1.1 General merchandise inspection

Before the buyer signs for the goods, please check the following:

(1) Whether the product order number, consignee's name, telephone number and other information are correct;

(2) Whether the outer packaging of the product is obviously deformed, damaged or damp.

If any abnormalities are found after inspection, the buyer can reject the goods on the spot.

1.2 Inspection of 3C bulky commodities

If the 3C product buyers purchased such as Television, please be sure to open the outer package with the delivery staff, to inspect the integrity of the product before receiving the receipt and signing, to make sure the appearance of the product is intact and the accessories are complete, to check the screen with the distribution personnel, and sign on the receipt after all of the inspections are confirmed.

2. Sign for

2.1 After GOBOO delivers the goods as agreed, the buyer has the obligation to receive the goods in time. The buyer can sign for the goods in person or entrust another person to sign for the goods on his/her behalf, and the sign of the entrusted party is regarded as the buyer's.

2.2 If the receiving address is accurate but the other information buyers filled in is inaccurate, the goods are received and signed for at the delivery address, the receipt shall be deemed to be signed by the buyer.

2.3 As long as the goods are signed for, the delivery of the goods is completed, and the risk of damage or the loss of the goods shall be borne by the buyer himself/herself.


VII. Feedback from GOBOO buyers

In order to improve the service level of GOBOO, buyers can leave feedback on the orders delivered by Goboo.